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  1. This is the Privacy Policy of the Official Web Page of the Professional College of Tirana (PCT) –

To all of you that access the Official Web Page –, you should consent with this Policy. Please do not continue to access and to navigate in the Official Web Page in the event you do not agree with this Policy. Otherwise, it shall be deemed that you have accepted and agreed with this policy.

  1. KPT shpk, is a limited liability company, established in accordance with the laws of Albania with VAT No. L51420003Q, licensed with the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 699, dated 26/08/2016 “On the licensing of the private higher education institution, with the status of professional college, “The Professional College of Tirana”, Tirana, as a private higher education institute.
  1. The registered address of PCT is: rruga “Xhanfize Keko”, Kompleksi “Xhura”, Njesia Bashkiake numer 4, Tirana – Albania.

PCT offers non-university, vocational, full time studies after high school with 120 ECTS.

  1. PCT has its official web page (the Official Web Page). By means of its Official Web Page, PCT transmits and collects information.
  1. Through its Official Web Page, PCT:
  • Introduces the institution and its structure, the services it provides, the different offers and promotions, announcements, novelties etc.
  • Presents and offers opportunities for education, employment, contacts etc.
  1. PCT considers the protection of privacy and personal data as an issue of a crucial importance. PCT is committed in the enforcement of the legal and sublegal frame for their protection and respecting.
  1. By means of the Privacy Policy, PCT aims to inform the persons that visit the Official Web Page,, with regard to the ways personal data are collected, elaborated, preserved and the measures taken for their security.
  1. The system collects standard information on the visitors of the web page, which information concerns the use of the pages, the clicking on information, articles, sections or columns of the page. The personal data that are collected through the Official Web Page are elaborated in accordance with the purpose they are collected, the legal, sublegal frame in force and this policy.
  • The purpose of collecting the information. This information is collected for:
  • Statistical and research data (to show the approach of the visitors, to see which sections are most attractive and as a result to see the interest of the parties, provided that they are not identifiable);
  • Analyzes purposes in order to create new services/products;
  • In order to understand the stance and /or the claims of the users of the page and interested parties with regard to the services of PCT.
  1. In order to provide a better service and to increase the possibility to attract potential students, professional staff and potential promising applicants, in the Official Web Page of PCT, under some sections (such as “Apply Now”), PCT has created application forms whereas the user is required to fill in certain personal data. The user confirms the completion, the truthfulness of the provided information and that the information is correctly and truthfully filled in. Upon the online filling, the user declares that gives his /her consent for the further processing of the information gave for internal use of PCT.
  1. PCT emphasizes that the provision of the personal details is not mandatory and it is in the discretion of the user to voluntarily provide the required information and to further continue with the application for which the information is required.
  1. All the data are collected, elaborated and preserved from PCT in full compliance with the provisions of Law 9887, date 10.03.2008 “On the personal data protection”, as amended, and the sublegal acts in force. These actions shall be performed in accordance with the principle of respecting and guaranteeing the fundamental rights and freedoms and especially the right to privacy.
  1. CONTACTS. Subject of personal data are entitled to require access in their data and to require that these data are corrected or updated in accordance with the requirements of article 13 and 18 of Law 9887/2008 «On the protection of personal data». The request may be submitted at:
  1. The Official Web Page may contain links of any other web pages. PCT is not liable for the content of these pages and advices to read the respective privacy declarations/policies of these pages.

 MISCELLANOUES. PCT reserves the right to change or modify this policy at any time, pursuant to the potential amendment of the legislation in the area of the personal data protection and privacy.